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Page Authority Checker               

When you say Page Authority Checker, this pertains on the metric provided  by the on any type of website right between  1 down to 100.  This is based off data coming from  Mozscape web index  which includes MozTrust scores, link counts,  MozRank and many more. Sites, which have higher page authority, tends to have more tendency to be visible in Google search.  You must use domain authority so you could compare each site or even track their strength within a period of time.

Page authority must not be interchanged with domain authority since they are two unique  metrics. Domain authority will provide you ranking site as a whole. On the other hand, page authority focus right on the score of a page which is in question.

In scoring with Page Authority, it is through a 100-point, logarithmic scale. In this way, it's less demanding to develop your score from 20 to 30 than it would be to develop from 70 to 80. Moz always redesign the calculation used to figure Page Authority, so you might see your score change now and again.

As an internet marketer, SEO or even webmaster, it is an advantage for you to know the page authority. Through this Google Ranking tool it will let you check quickly the rank value   of any page, be it your competitor’s page or your own page. What you need to do is to enter the URL as well as the ranking value and presto! You can check now the rank value of the site as fast as you can.

With page authority checker, you can monitor the status of your site. This will show users where  domain ranks in Google. Well, you don’t need to use Google toolbar in checking  the Google rank. Plus, you have the chance to check up to 500 URLs! That is so cool, right?

Where could you  look for Page Authority?

Most page authority   metrics are being integrated on several SEO  as well as online marketing platforms  all over the  web. You could measure your page authority through MozBar or Open Site Explorer, free SEO toolbar of Moz. Furthermore, Moz is being   incorporated the Authority metrics right with  Mozscape API and Moz Analytics Campaigns.

How could you improve your page authority?

You could establish better page authority of a website by means of adhering on grey and white hat techniques.  Generally, you are not going to get an immediate traffic through sticking with the white hat technique, however, you would surely acquire good returns approximately two to three months of hard work and patience. Meanwhile, grey hat technique is much easier and smarter to use with.

Not like other SEO metrics, Page Authority is hard to influence with. It is comprised of various metrics that each affect this score. This was done deliberately; this metric is intended to surmised how focused a given site is in Since Google considers a great deal of variables, a metric that tries to compute it must join a ton of elements, too.