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Whois Checker is the easiest and fastest way to gather important site related information particularly when it comes to looking for domain names. Through this tool, you can find out whether or not a domain is already registered, gather email address of domain administrator or IP owner’s information and find out the name servers and domain registrar, view the status and expiration date and check out tons of other statistics in no time.

Whois domain checker shows if a domain is already owned by other entity or if not will give contact information of the existing owner. Whois helps in determining the right contact for each and every domain listed or included in Whois Database. Whois database works like the DNS where all valuable information of every internet-connected computer unit are stored. It can help in identifying billing contact, administrator, or technical contact information for each IP or domain name in Whois database. It can also help in determining potential source of any spam and other website related details.

Whois domain checker script- This program allows you to locate existing available domain names as well as the expired domains. Users who are looking for a new domain will just need to enter a specific keyword or your prospect name and the top listing domains will automatically come into view.

Mass Whois checker- this analyzes more or less than ten domains simultaneously. Multiple whois checker is truly beneficial especially in searching for the perfect keyword or domain name for your new website without wasting too much time in searching them one by one. This bulk whois checker can give you significant website related information in no time.

Whois Checker Script PHP

This PHP script can be downloaded and installed on your own website. It offers a lookup service that can be used by website visitors to find domain name ownership details, registration details, domain availability and many more. The script works through extracting the asked information from the whois server. The whois domain checker script queries the right Whois server for the domain names and then display response in no time.

Typically, whois checker script is available for free and with pay. Script with pay or premium scrip is usually more powerful than the script for free. Free script often supports the popular extensions such as .com, .org, .net, .co.uk, and many more while premium one usually support thousands of extensions.

Nevertheless, both are usually available for free installation. Client, though, can install it themselves as for this are specifically designed for easy installation and are condensed in one file. Different whois tools offers varying features but all are sure to be beneficial for webmasters.

You can have an access to this tool through whois domain checker download. Lots of tools are currently available to check either the domain names availability, registration of domain names (usually connected with domain name age), domain name owner’s contact information and many more. Regardless of the tool or script you intend to have, all are surely beneficial.