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About What is my Browser

What is my Browser

You would surely have noticed that modern web browsers work on the same tasks and they look much alike. On the occasions that you want to know what browser is this computer using, then it might not be obvious. Luckily, you can rely on some virtual cues especially for major browsers that will tell the user what is the browser on my computer. You can either zero in on the particular version that you are working with or you can rely on the internet tool on how to find browser version.

 What browser am i using?

Internet Explorer

You might be one of the users out there who have this question, “what is my current browser”?  Well, do you want to know if you are using internet explorer?  Just in case you are not aware until at this point in time, the telltale logo of Internet Explorer is the symbol “e” that has a gold streak. It is located on the left part of the address bar. Also, you can look for it on the taskbar of open programs located at the bottom of the Windows screen.

Google Chrome

Another example of a browser is Google Chrome? So how can you determine if you are using this What is my Browser tool? There are 3 small horizontal lines found on the upper right part of the browser. Just click on the symbol in order to open a menu that has About Google Chrome option. So you might ask where my browser window is. Click the symbol and the version number will appear. This will also give you a chance to be informed if you ask “how do i update my browser?”

Mozilla Firefox

It is easy to list 10 examples of web browsers, but do you have any idea when you are using Mozilla Firefox? Although there is a brown-orange logo covered with a blue globe, it is not always visible particularly in Spartan Firefox browsers. With that, click the stacked three horizontal lines on the upper right part of the window and click on the Help menu. About Firefox will then appear.

Apple Safari
Just in case you are not aware, Apple Safari is the most unique browser, with red, green and yellow lights near the upper left part. The logo can be found on the Safari tool bar at the top part of the screen. Just click Safari and the details about your version will reveal. Now that you are aware which browser version on this computer is being used, you can now do it with any other units any time. However, do keep in mind that these virtual cues are usually possible with major browsers.

As conclusion, knowing your browser is not that difficult after all. All you need is to get yourself abreast of these simple hints and you are good to go. But if you intend to ponder on more complicated browsers, then it is a good idea if you start doing your homework now.