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Taking website screenshot is one of the most typical task that many people do on a daily basis. With website screenshot generator, users were enabled to quickly and easily capture any web link while providing you with thumbnail. Some person take website screenshot for diverse reasons. Most people use screenshot to show others what interest them or what they see in their monitors. Others make use of screenshot to save a step-by-step information which they want to try out later, while others just wanted to capture something and show it later to their friends over the net. When taking a website screenshot, people can use variety of online screen capture tool or downloadable screenshot generator.

Capturing screenshot can be both worthwhile and exciting, as it comes handy and accessible if you run a blog or have a Pinterest board where you pin your images. Screenshot images are also useful on different social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. There are numerous online tools that allow users to take webpage screenshot in the most efficient manner, while there are some other website generator which are available online for FREE. There are many websites that offers website screenshot generator, however, not all of them can actually make the job done. If you truly wanted to take some high-quality screenshots of long pages in high-resolution images, then, considering the following features when looking for a great website screenshot generator should be placed in your priority:

Take Screenshot from Anything

When choosing for an excellent website screenshot generator online, one must be able to capture anything from their screen. And innovative website screenshot too must allow its users to edit and capture any images that shows up on their PC or mobile screens. These should include, media files, web pages (capture image or file by scrolling window or through URL), windows, menus, objects, webcams and so forth. The online website screenshot generator should guarantee you with clear and high-quality result, and must be able to work with diverse system & devices such as Mac, Windows PC, Surface Pro and so forth.

‘Easy-to-Use’ Capture Modes

Your website screenshot generator should provide you with different modes of screenshots, such as full screen, specific program windows, particular region, web pages, scrolling windows and others. Screenshot tool should also automatically save the images to the clipboard of local directory with the use of capture modes that you prefer.

Smart Window Detection

When you wanted to take a screenshot, your website screenshot generator should be able to detect the OS or window of the application on your PC’s screen. Depending on the mouse clicks, images of the window application should be immediately saved to the free cloud space or to the local drive.

Diverse Editing Function

Your website screenshot generator online must allow you to edit or customize your screenshot. It should be equipped with the right program and tools which gives you the option to crate arrows, line, or type text to make it more interesting. It should also provide you the option to add watermarks or stamps, whilst, give you the freedom to personalize the colors and styles to give a better editing effects.