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These days, dozens of SEO tools may easily come and go. With modern innovations, it has become easier for us to go into details on our search in the web. As simple as clicking your mouse, you can already have what you are looking for from the web.

Website analysis tool is just one of the many virtual tools that you can use freely. Generally, it is used to do multiple website analysis if you are after getting information about certain websites. The tool is easy to navigate as it will teach you how to analyze a website. In the process, the website's home page will be displayed before you together with the Meta data that will serve as basis for your analysis. The Meta data are relevant information that will help you optimize your search engines and do as many commands on your search. Your website can easily make progress in an instant as the tool will identify all the features of your site that needs improvement.

Google and other search engines will provide you the list of the individual pages of the website. Take note, you need to properly optimize every page using at least one keyword for each and as much as possible, the keyword must not exceed to two. The tool lets you have free website analysis that you can use to optimize your page ranking and pave your way to the top. Basically, the website analysis that you will have to employ can affect your page ranking. As soon as you see any weak point in your website, you can change or improve it in real time. The fact that the SEO checker helps you get into details on your site, you will have full control on the activities that you want to do with the site pages.

With a website reviewer SEO tool, you can easily have a complete and in depth SEO reviews and that may include a number of search engines. The tool allows you to review more than 5 and SEO metrics altogether in one page. It all goes in your account and you may have bonus to collect in the end. This free website SEO analysis tool is can support several languages that are completely translatable. In just a few minutes, you have results on your endeavor 100% real time. Every SEO metrics has a suggestion box in it so you can put anything that you think will help to improve the service. You are allowed to post whatever recommendations and suggestions on the box. The best thing about this comprehensive SEO analysis tool is that you don't have to worry about the URL format because it is entirely user friendly. The URL format is set in a friendly user interface that is manageable.

What can you do with a website SEO analysis tool?

1. Allows you to do page analysis

You can analyze each page of your website freely. The tool lets you do not only simple SEO analysis but also the complex one. You can have a complete diagnosis of your site's landing pages one after the other. The analysis will include the keywords, content, accessibility and performance.  With the tool, you can monitor the developments of your site. You may also govern your SEO as you are improving your website. As often as you want, you can analyze your pages without requiring any installation process.

2. Enables you to get an overview of the site through the website crawl.

A website page analysis tool manages a website crawl that can optimize your site. With that, it will be easier for you to identify all the technical errors on the site. It also checks if your site is properly crawled by common search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Not only that, it can also identify if there are broken links that affect the content quality of the pages. You will also know if the site has duplicate content. Using the tool lets you know about essential matters that will help you improve your site. The robot crawler that is in the tool can crawl up to 1000 pages on your site. With the help of different search engines, you can efficiently make up your site and improve it to become better as much as it is before. It also works in indexing and optimizing your internal links as well as textual content.

3. Exports the results of the page analysis

The website analysis SEO tool can export the results of the pages that have been analyzed. You can also send reports to the site analyzer. Aside from that, you can also make customized or personalized PDF’s  that are bursting with colors. You can generate as many website reviews as you can while being able to track the improvements on your site in real time. By utilizing the website review analysis tool, you will learn how to track the progress of your website rankings and be able to get visibility online.

The competitive analysis involved in the process of reviewing your website is necessary to complete the entire strategy of the SEO tool. Being able to discover the insufficiency on your site makes you aware of the essential things that you need to do on your site. The tool will help you discover the keywords that most researchers are targeting. This competitive website analysis tool is effective in getting through all your strategies efficient in improving your website.

You can now start monitoring the progress of your site by using this tool with the right metrics at hand. Track your progress and follow your goals as you get deeper in analyzing your site. The errors that you have encountered on the site will serve as your basis in making improvements on the site. After completing all the process, your site can rank higher on search engines.