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Social Stats Checker - SEO Tool

Do you want to know if you are having a blow on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? As social media keeps on growing, tools to improve Twitter experience as well as calculate your influence are coming up online. Social Statistic Checker is a tool that allows you to monitor your impact on social media sites.

Social Stats Checker is a free search engine tool that is utilized to test out the status of your site on social media. This is systematic tool that could be utilized for analysis of all websites like the number of likes on the Fanpage of which website and the number of shares on this site and the number of likes on Pinterest. In general, it is ideal for a blog site for which the comments and likes on social media sites are needed.

Social Stats Checker is important for website owners who depend on each other and for those who are hired for web promotion on social media. This can be used for analysis of all sites as it will give the right and current status of the site on the different social media sites.

Essential Features:

Social Stats Checker comes with essential features such as:

  • Track and monitor URL shares, tweets and  like
  • Ideal for optimizing your marketing strategy on social media platforms
  • Retrieve following Social Stats such as Facebook Likes, Google+, Facebook Share and comments, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tweet Count and so much more


This is a valuable search engine tool that helps you know how powerful your presence is on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. This SEO tool functions in all current browsers and doesn’t need a database. All you need to do is to put in the link of your site onto the question box prior to checking. When completed, the Social Stats Checker will show the social media counter. Statistics of your presence on social media will help you create strategies for better exposure and improvement.

Social Stats Checker is a handy tool which helps you track, monitor and analyze social statistics. Through learning this metric, you will be capable of aligning your search engine optimization effort, most essentially your campaign on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and any other platform which will gain your site a lead when it comes to click-through rates, conversions as well as visits. If you are planning to take advantage of an extremely easy to use SEO tool in monitoring your statistics on social media sites, do not hesitate to use the Social Stats Checker. It can check social media info that will allow you to know in which social media network sites you are doing well as well as which sites you need to focus on for improvements.

All in all, if you want a SEO tool that can monitor your statistics on various social media networking sites, you should choose Social Stats Checker. This is a remarkable tool for your product campaign.