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Reverse IP Domain Checker

Are you a businessman or website owner who is using an IP address for your site? If you believe that it doesn’t have any effect on the site ranking, well, think twice! Along with domain, IP address plays an integral part when it comes to the ranking on Yahoo, Google, Bing and other search engines. This is why having a reverse IP domain checker is important to gain benefit over your rivals.

Reverse IP domain tools such as TraceBullet, SitesOnMyIp, and others are a handy tool combining various basic tools that allow a businessman to find out the IP tool address, do a whois lookup, etc. The reverse IP domain lookup tool is very simple to use. By entering the URL of your website and clicking the check button, you can start taking advantage of the tool and reap benefits in the long run.

There’s no need for you to get through some complicated steps only to acquire what you’re looking for. The reverse IP domain check quickly works by running a wide-ranging check on the URL and IP address of your site. In addition to this, the tool is also effective in detecting whether or not a website uses a shared hosting service.

Businesses and individual bloggers can successfully work without feeling bothered about their IP address. Why is this beneficial?

  1. Frequently, shared hosting accounts are placed below the same IP address. You can determine who else is on the shared host you have or who is using the shared server before signing up.
  2. Since there are parking sites being parked on an IP address, you can see who else is parked on that particular server.
  3. Oftentimes, scam websites assemble. If you find one, you can do an IP domain checker in order to find other scam websites hosted on a very similar server as the one you found.

More specifically, a reverse IP lookup is generally carried out by a domain administrator or internet researcher who wants to perceive the number of websites being sustained on a shared hosting server. When initiated, it will display then all the listed websites or domains as hosted by the IP address you’re researching.

There are also offered IP address checking for reverse IP domain check php script and reverse IP domain check Linux. You can utilize standard Linux/UNIX tools such as dig command, host command or nslookup command to learn reverse DNS of your IP address.

Reverse lookup by using domain or IP address, together with reverse IP domain check software and tools is very useful not only for finding out further information about other sites, but also great for SEO purposes. By choosing this service, you will gain compact results which can be worthwhile finding more information on IP and owner of the domain name.

Reverse IP domain check free is also offered by some websites to help you out. This is a great advantage because you can be able to verify an excellent site ranking on search engines without pulling out any amount of money in your wallet.