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Online MD5 Generator

MD5 generator is a useful tool to be used for encoding credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information into Postgress, MyQSL or other online databases. The ASP programmers, PHP programmers and any programmers on SQL , Postgress, MyQSL or similar databases should use the MD5 key generator as a handy resource in order to create an MD5 hash value that is based on string, MD5 cracker in order to query the strings and hashes database for string or passwords the hash was created from, and a password that is much difficult to crack. Online MD5 generator is the simplest and quickest way in order to add security in your messages and files that you transfer and send.

What is an MD5 hash?

MD5 is generated by getting a string of any length, encoding it to a 128bit fingerprint. Encoding similar string through the use of MD5 algorithm will lead to similar 128bit hash output. The MD5 hashes are usually used with much smaller strings when storing credit card numbers, passwords or any sensitive information. Hash MD5 generator provides an easy and quick way to get MD5 of a file from a very simple string with 256 characters in length.  

Online MD5 generator may look too complicated to you but it actually relies on very simple ideas. In order for you to get an MD5 file hash, all you need to do is to enter your message in the MD5 key generator.  The tool will apply the algorithm to the message string and will create you an MD5 hash. Once you have the MD5 hash, you can send it to your recipient and tell them to place the MD5 hash into the online MD5 converter. If your recipient got an identical hash, then it simply means that they successfully received the exact message or file that you sent.

MD5 hash is not an encryption. Many people mistakenly believe that online MD5 generator can be used for encryption. This is a big misunderstanding as MD5 is a cryptographic hashing algorithm. While this may seem an encryption to you, it is not an encryption in standard sense.

So what is the different between a hash and encryption? Encryption is used to transform the information through the use of algorithm. Typically, the encryption requires using of key in order to transform the information. The encryption marks the information unreadable until it’s already decrypted. Decryption is the process used in order to make the file or information readable again through the use of a key.

In online MD5 generator, a hash is a result of placing a cryptographic function of hash against the data amount. The hash is developed by placing a mathematical function on data. In MD5 case, the hash will be returned in a 32 hexadecimal character sequence.

Knowing the different between the two, MD5 is not capable of data encryption that many people assume. MD5 hash file generator can be used for numerous purposes. Oftentimes, this is used in order to verify the string or file integrity. You may include the hash of file during the distribution in order to verify its integrity.