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Link Price Calculator

Whether you’re an advertiser or site owner, know the amount of money you would be paying or charging for a particular link per month. The link price calculator makes the accurate computations very easy for you. It is taking into considerations such factors for advertisers such as Alexa ranking, number of backlinks, age of the website inbound links, outbound links, PageRank and other services.

Links play an important role in the achievement of a business, since it is considered as one of the simplest ways to get money. Advertisers post their own link on the site and pay some money to the owner of website for every click on the link. The main thing that website owners need to focus on is the amount of money they should charge from the advertiser.

If the user charges more money, the advertisers could abandon the website. On the other hand, if the user charges low, chances of making large profits is gone. In order to help the site in this kind of situation, link price calculator tool is being used.

This will calculate the exact amount needed to be charged from the advertisers. Therefore, website owners will make it easy responding to their advertiser. Before using this tool, a user should enter the information of his domain. Afterward, the tool will now calculate the total money to be charged for every link, depending on the website SEO ranking.

However, always remember that a small part of mistake in the rate of the link can cost big loss to you, as a website owner. So, it is very important to use the perfect link price calculator tool. Many service providers will help you calculate the accurate amount to be charged for every click on the link, so that neither the website owner nor the advertiser has to go through any loss.

Aside from link, you can also use the price calculator for other purposes to determine the amount you need, which includes:

City link price calculator

Want to know the cost of your travel? City link price calculator will help you determine the amount of money you need to pay. The cost to travel may count on the following:

  • The way a person choose to pay for his travel
  • Where and how often he travel
  • The kind of vehicle he is using

Text link price calculator

When considering text link price calculator, the user is required to enter his website address, website category and the number of text links to be sold. You will choose where you plan to place the text links and the charge is weighted accordingly.

Chain link fence price calculator

If you want to calculate the full list of materials needed for constructing a chain link fence and its total price, chain link fence price calculator is a perfect tool. The cost estimate may include cost for local equipment/material delivery to, service provider transportation to, from the job site, costs to prepare the worksite for the installation of chain link fence, among others.

Having a price calculator tool is a big help for business owners when attempting to get an accurate amount. Whatever tool you may need, it is important to make an exact calculation so that any losses can be avoided.