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About Google Malware Checker

Google Malware Checker

Malware is a general term used to describe all kinds of malicious software that are specifically designed to harm a network or computer. Types of malware may include worms, viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and more. Usually, the site is infected because the site has vulnerable points which allow hackers to have an access and control the website. Once a hacker gets an access to the website, they may change the site content or add pages to the site.  Otherwise, they may vaccinate malicious code such as iFrames and scripts that gather content from other website that attempts to attack computers that visit the page.

For businesses, malware can cause jeopardy on operations, loss of valuable or intellectual data, financial fraud, customer data, and even destruction to the property. Luckily, Google provides numerous different tools for detecting and preventing malware virus accumulation to any website.

To check whether or not your domain was infected by malware, Google provides Google Malware Checker. This is a google malware detection tool used to check if there is a malware present and so provides necessary action to block or prevent its accumulation.  It also provides security advisory to safeguard website visitors from any harmful websites.

How Google Malware Checker Tool Works?

  1. Enter the full URL of the website you intend to check for a malware on a certain checker box provided. Click the “check” button and you will be readdressed to the safe browsing page of Google.
  2. The page will diagnose the site. A notification will be forwarded once the Google report says that the page or URL you entered is not listed as a suspicious site. Alternatively, Safe Browsing will send notification if the site has been hacked and gives information on how to fix the problem. The information comes in step-by-step procedure to recover a site from malware infection.

Notification about an infected website may be received via Search Console or have your messages at Message center forwarded to your own email account.

  1. The report will also include what happened in the last ninety days after Google has visited the website.

Safe Browsing

After entering Google Malware Checker URL, you will be redirected on the safe browsing page of Google. Safe Browsing simply works through enabling applications in order to check URL against Google. This technology examines countless URL in a day searching for unsafe websites and is constantly updating its list of suspected malware, phishing and any unwanted software. This service warn users prior in clicking malware infected links and prevent them from posting links to suspicious or enlisted phishing pages. This is also responsible for checking pages against the Google’s list of suspicious software pages.

If your website has been infected or hacked, better act quickly to fix the damage. Google recommends certain safety precaution steps to avoid the infection from spreading. Remember that even the Google Malware Site Checker has already helped you clean an infected site, there is still possibility of reinfection if the underlying vulnerabilities which primarily caused the malware infection still remain.