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HTTP Headers - SEO Tool

HTTP Headers is an SEO tool that allows you to check the HTTP header that your web server returns when requesting a URL.


  • View request headers
  • Free to use
  • User-friendly

If you’re looking for a tool how to view response headers, all you need is the HTTP Headers. With this header tool, you can determine which response code the server is returning for a URL that was requested. HTTP Headers can give important information on a requested URL’s status.

The tool may return more than one response code if the original URL is redirected to a new URL. Some of the response codes that are usually returned are:

  • 503 – Temporarily unavailable web server. The URL requested cannot be processed.
  • 302 – The requested URL has been temporarily moved to another URL and the new page will be requested.
  • 200 – The web server was able to successfully process the page at the requested URL.
  • 404 – The requested URL page could not be found on the web server.
  • 303 – The requested URL has been permanently moved to a new URL and the new page will be requested.

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