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Are you wondering how to find DNS records?  If so, you are into the right page. This post will get you informed about several methods on how to lookup dns records.  Read on the following dns information and be ready as you enlighten your mind after this dns records explained.

Before knowing the ways on how to view dns records, it would be important to take a closer look on DNS.

What exactly DNS is?

Domain Name System or DNS is one the standard suite of industry’s protocol compromising TCP/IP. Microsoft Windows Server 2013.  Basically, domain name system is being implemented through the use of two software components and these are DNS server and DNS clients. Do take note that both of these software components are used as background service apps.

So how numeric resources are being identified? This is made possible through the help of numeric IP addresses. However, bear in mind these addresses are very difficult for users to recall. The database of the domain name system consists of query dns server for all records.  This would be very relevant for the IP addresses which will then be utilized by the resources for communication. As a result, DNS serves as a mnemonic device which makes it easy for network users to remember the resources easier.

After knowing what DNS is, the next question is, “how to find DNS and get all dns records for a domain”? If you do not have any idea, fret not because the steps are very easy and there are no hair yanking hassles that you have to go through.

The fastest method to list all dns servers is to simply get in touch with your ISP or Internet Service Provider and ask them about a records dns. However, if you feel like you don’t want to make the trick through this step, then fret not because there is still other way for you.

Click on start and then hit “run”.  On the Black Screen, at the command prompt, type "ipconfig/all” but make sure not to include the quotations. This is the first step to dig all dns records.

Do take note that the powershell list all dns servers are usually listed at the bottom of the heading of the Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection. All you have to do is to seek for the image provided in order to make sure that you get the right dns address lookup.

Another way for dns entry lookup is to check out in network connections. All it takes is to click start, settings and then go to network connections. Just double click Local Area Connection and then click the Properties button. After that, choose TCP/IP, hit properties, and then lookup all records as pictured.  There you go- ways on how to view dns records.  Actually, the steps are very easy as long as do a little homework. So the next time that you want to know DNS information, you can now do it by yourself by Find DNS records tool.