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Domain into IP and Vice Versa

Every computer that is Internet-connected has its own unique identity. This identity can be categorized in two ways: either by the IP address or the host (domain) name. Domain name and IP address often goes hand-by-hand. But only one usually appears on the site. If the site offers only the domain name (which is the usual case) and you wanted to look for its IP address, then you can search the DNS or the Domain Name Servers.

DNS is a huge, remarkable database. Rather than requiring individual machines, users or applications to keep up with the continuous change in the IP address and Domain names, a series of unique DNS servers throughout the world keep track of the address or name information of all computers that is connected to Internet. Briefly, DNS ensures that there will be no name/address duplication.

The process of locating an IP address from a domain name or resolve domain name into IP involves sending message to the domain name and requesting for a computer with that domain name to send an IP address. But because numerous computers are hosting several domains at a time, the process may be quite complicated and the result might be totally different.

Domain name or Host Domain

There is sometimes a confusion about a domain name and host name. A domain name is a name that is brought from the registrar. It is something like It usually doesn’t have “www” at its beginning.  Once you purchase a domain, you will have the freedom to create sub-domains. Sub-domains are those that start with “www” and are allocated into a host machine. These sub-domains are allocated into a host machine in order to create a certain record at DNS which stores the IP addresses and sub-domain of a particular host machine. DNS is the one that translate domain name into IP address.

IP Address

IP or internet protocol is characterized by a four-part string which serves a computer unique identification. An IP address usually consists of 4 period-separated numbers. These addresses are usually allocated by the regional organizations, making it easier to work out a particular country where an IP resides. But when it is allocated to a certain company, the address is still expected to be used within the country the company operates. However, there are some instances when a particular IP address is used outside the country it was registered with. This simply lowering the accuracy of converting an IP address based on countries.

Generally, there are varying ways to resolve domain names into IP addresses especially if it is assigned to a particular computer.

  • Ask someone for possibilities. Either a network administrator within your locality, the service desk, or on the bills
  • A new machine may still hold the existing IP address if it has been recorded.
  • Use Domain name to IP address converter.

Briefly, domain names translated into IP is made possible by DNS. It is the only one that is capable of getting access to countless domain names simultaneously.