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If you have some point in your business where you want to make sure of the domain name that you want, you need to take a quick check before you go ahead and have your site registered online. With the Internet chock that is full of domain hosting lookup, you practically don’t have any excuses not to check the host of specific domain name. Domain hosting checker is one of the most effective and simplest way to know who’s hosting a particular website, and consequently helps you check the availability of the web host, IP addresses and DNS records. Domain hosting checking is also one of the key to a more successful business it gives you the necessary tools that is essential in getting your domain name registered easily and cost-effectively.

With domain hosting checker, you don’t have to burden yourself in figuring out who host a particular site. This tool also helps you get out of the tedious and difficult process of searching over those usual channels and database just to get the right domain host of a particular online business. Sometimes, you’ll only get the name or domain of the company or business that is registered on the domain name, and not the actual hosting company using these usual channels, but not the actual company that is hosting the site. But with the help of domain hosting checker, you will not only get the chance for website monitoring, but it also supports latest technologies like localized domain name (both original format and puny code) and hostname IPv6.

Domain hosting checker also helps people to find out if the domain name is already taken if you possibly want to buy it. Example, if a website with specific name had already appeared during your search, you can therefore know that it is no longer available. There are many reasons why domain name didn’t appear, and reasons could include the following:

  • The owner is still working on his site
  • Name was purchased for future use
  • Owner is hoping to resell the domain name for a higher profit; or
  • The name is already unavailable

There are also some domain name registrar which allows you to purchase web hosting account & domain name all at the same time. This is one of the best and convenient method that helps you check whether the domain name is still available or not. It also gives you the freedom for domain registration date check, and also help you obtain information related with the records of the existing domain names.

Most people opt to use this methods for it is much faster and only cost less than undergoing to some companies specializing in domain hosting lookup. Aside from the registration date, registration data for the existing domain includes the registrant’s name, the nameservers and who the domain was registered through. Depending on the registrar’s setup and policy, you may be able to get the company’s email, contact email address, phone number and other technical contact of the registrant.