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Domain Age Checker

One of the most imperative factor used in determining the website ranking is the age of its domain. Older website arguably possesses more experience to increase their credibility. The same thing with newly registered websites or those that are registered for over a year are gradually increasing the website owner’s confidence regarding the stability of the website. Generally, the older the domain gets, the greater the possibility of getting recognized by search engines. This in turn can boost website visibility and ranking.

To find out the exact age of a particular domain and even its look at the beginning, you can use Domain Age Checker. This tool displays the date of registration of the domain, its status, expiration date and any other valuable information.

Domain Age Checker Bulk

If you prefer to check numerous different website simultaneously, you can use bulk domain age checker tool that is capable of providing precise information of when the different domains were built, its expiration date and even the name of its registrar. You don’t have to manually search the domains to have an access to its registration information.

This kind of checker usually uses domain age checker php script to handle numerous request at a time. Domain age checker php usually extract the domain age from the whois response.

Importance of Domain Age Checker

Domain Age checker is not made for no reason. It is specifically made to help webmaster get an insight of the occurring “invisible” competition in SEO ranking. Again, domain age matters for Google Rankings or any other search engines. The longer your domain is listed or registered, the higher the credibility is. And once you are placed in top of the ranking, you can reap plethora of benefits particularly if you are doing a business online.

Domain Age Checker is also beneficial for domain investors. Purchasing a domain name is the primary step of creating a website. In recent updates of search algorithm by Google, the domain name importance has significantly decrease. But this does not indicate that you should overlook the domain history.

Because majority of available domain names at registrar are previously owned by other individuals. It is possible that the name previously acquired a low reputation. This previous reputation can affect your ranking in the future as for Google usually penalize websites which violates some rule of host low-quality content.

Through domain checker bulk investors can see long list of expired and near-to-expiration domains. Hundreds or thousands of expired domain options is especially beneficial to find the best old-age domain without spending too much time on the search. Moreover, the tool offers completely reliable and accurate result. Through get domain age or domain age check, webmasters can see browse a huge number of options and find the best domain name available.

Domain age check tool is indeed valuable in terms of ensuring an effective website that can forecast longevity. In this competitive online market, it is important to have an edge over the competition. For new websites, considering the age of the domain may place a website one step ahead of the competition.