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About Check GZIP compression

Check GZIP Compression Checker

Check GZIP Compression can be used to check your website data’s status. Using the GZIP tool, you can see if the data are ready for compression or not. If it’s ready to be compressed, you can see how much data you can compress in terms of percentage.


  • Allows you to verify if the web content is being compressed or not
  • Get up to 60 to 85 percent less bandwidth

Why Use GZIP?

With this compression check tool, you can check if the GZIP compressed header is being sent by the web server to your customers. If you enable GZIP compression on the server you are using, you can save 60 to 85 percent on your bandwidth usage.

Check GZIP Compression is a great tool if you don’t have enough space on your web server. For instance, if there are a lot of photos in your content, you have to compress your data as the quality of the photos might be reduced. If the web serve doesn’t have a lot of space for a new project and you can’t or were not able to get new space on the server, you can use the tool to determine how much you can compress the data you have. If the data can be compressed, you can then proceed with this option and compress your data using any tool to save space on your server.